Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kim Kardashian Tattoo Styles

Born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. The second of four children born to the late Robert Kardashian and his first wife, Kris Kardashian is Kim Christmas a model, actress, entrepreneur and socialite. In recent years, the little brown beauty has received a thank you Paris Hilton-like celebrity status for his curvaceous style, a reality television series, a series of training DVD, and last but not least, a scandalous video with his sexual exploits with her former boyfriend, rapper Ray J.

Kardashian, it seems, is almost wired for glory. A classmate of pre-school of Paris Hilton, she grew up under the glare and the privilege of Beverly Hills, gets a view of almost the joys and pitfalls of Hollywood. His father, the founder of Film Tunes, Inc., a music marketing company, was a prominent lawyer. A close friend of many years of OJ Simpson, Robert was one of the lawyers defending the football star during his trial murder. In fact, the house lawyer Simpson left the famous Ford Bronco police chase, shortly before his arrest. Robert Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in October 2003.

Kardashian mother, Kris, the owner of a children's boutique store and television personality, travel in the circles of celebrities themselves. In 1991, two years after Robert separated, she married 1976 Olympic star Bruce Jenner. They have two children together.

According to Kardashian, her childhood, hardly things of fame. Sunday Church was firmly part of family life. Then there was the expectation in children than when they each Kardashian age 18, lives outside the family was often no longer an option. Although she attended an exclusive school for girls Catholic high Kim Kardashian for the company of his father. When he died, the company was handed over to her and her siblings. They have since sold. "We grew up with privilege, so we knew that our standard was very high and if we wanted to keep, we had to work hard," she said.

Kim Kardashian has resulted in a number of different things, a designer wardrobe for the actor. She even went into the business itself, forming Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC., Who has seen the release of three training videos successfully, you guessed it, Kim Kardashian.

In 2006, Kardashian back in business with her family when she and her two sisters opened a boutique store DASH (derived from the name of the family) in Calabasas, California. A presentation of the owners own personal styles, the shop has some of the sisters' favorite American designers.

Unlike some of its other objectives of the obsession of the paparazzi, Kardashian married young. In 2000, she married music producer Damon Thomas. The marriage ended after four years. In recent years, Kardashian has had a number of high-level cronies, including the singer Nick Lachey and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush.