Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Remove Tattoos Permanent Be Easily

How to remove a tattoo - The teenagers in general are often mengespresikan art in the form of pictures or something. In adolescence, most teens who get a tattoo on his body due to the response factor of inspiration or words of others. So many people who have been part of his body tattooed. Whether it's the hands, arms, legs, back or forth.
Cryotherapy is a way of removing tattoos with a material that dripped liquid nitrogen contained in the skin tattoos. The workings of this material will freeze the ink attached to the skin to shreds. Side effects from this will cause serious skin damage. This is due to ink that sticks to the skin so deeply that it took the destruction of the outer shell to the inside of the ink can be raised.
Dermabrasion is a way which requires the erosion of exposed skin with a tattoo like sandpaper or like a grain of sand. Because this way gradually erode the skin may be sore when the dermabrasion. However, this way just to scrape the skin deep. To clean the skin it is used a scalpel to remove the top layer of skin in which there is ink.
Slicing Skin
As with dermabrasion, this way is by slicing the skin with a knife so that the skin contained the ink can be removed. But the way this one are generally in the p-specialize for large tattoos. Although the way is fairly cheap, but risky and can not be handled alone alias need an expert in this.
Cream Anti-Tattoo
Cream anti tattoo is the way in which use chemicals to dissolve the ink tattoos found on the skin. Due to this way of dissolving the tattoo ink so that it takes a LMA to lift out the remaining ink contained in the skin. Although this is not bad for the skin, but to get the cream of this one need to spend a fairly deep.
The continued development of Technology, now a tattoo can be removed by laser. This technology is quite effective and not harmful to the skin. The principle is that the ink particles break down under the skin surface, to be destroyed by a natural human immune system. Although this way is guaranteed safe, but this way include expensive and takes a fair amount of time.