Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chester Bennington Linking Park Tattoos

Fans of Linkin Park? must know who the man was named Chester Bennington. Yes, he is the lead singer of the band. White males who love to change hair styles. Distinctive voice, with shouts and gentle melody, and hoarse voice, this man turns out that might like to collect tattoo etched on her skin will continue. He is getting his first tattoo at age 18 years, and continue to grow as his career in the band Linkin Park. Here's a picture and description of all the tattoo.
  1.      Koi fish tattoo, there are in the right upper arm
  2.      Tattoo six arms, is on the upper back
  3.      Tattoo band engagement ring, the ring finger left hand
  4.      Tattoo birthstones (birth stone), at the right hand little finger (yeah, u Heard it right, right)
  5.      Tattoo writing Linking Park, in the lower back is written in Old English style letters
  6.      Tattoo Hybrid Theory soldier, at the bottom of the left calf
  7.      Tattoo fire, there is on the left arm and right
  8.      Zodiac pisces tattoo, upper left arm
Chester Bennington (born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, March 20, 1976, age 35 years) is the lead singer of rock band Linkin Park. Previously, Chester incorporated into the band's "Grey Daze". Chester has a side project called "Snow White Tan" which was later named Chester as "Dead By Sunrise". Since childhood, Chester interested in music, and inspiration is Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots. His parents divorced in the late 1980s, when Chester was a kid. Finally, Chester tried to get up by using cocaine. Chester finally managed to overcome drug addiction. He worked at a Burger King restaurant before starting a career as a professional musician.