Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carles Puyol Best Soccer Tattoo Styles

Carles Puyol of Barcelona Spain Best Soccer is also fond of tattoos on his body, but tattoo Carles Puyol is not so much in just a few parts of the body. Carles Puyol Saforcada (born in La Pobla de Segur, Lleida, 13 April 1978) are the players behind the Spanish national soccer team which plays the body 178 cm and plays at FC Barcelona. Thanks to a combination of talent, humility, dedication and strong work ethic, Carles Puyol has become the first choice central defender and Barcelona for the Spanish squad.

Puyol made ??his debut in the Spanish national team in November 2000, shortly after playing in a squad with the acquisition of the Spanish Olympic silver medal at the Sydney Olympics. Since then his name has been registered in the Spanish squad list, including appearing at two FIFA World Cups and two UEFA euro. Indeed, Puyol's playful spirit is the key to his success.