Saturday, September 24, 2011

Off The Shoulder Shirts

Off The Shoulder Shirts

It is a beautiful woman is a man who knows how to subtly sexy. Not even a woman in a bikini can stimulate the imagination, a man or a woman who dresses provocatively, and a little '"bare skin here and there, the most innocent: If you are a woman's clothing and accessories, sexy, but not overtly so, look for the shirts shoulder are designed just for you!

T-shirt back

If you are looking for the latest fashion trends, 70 and 80 of the shoulder shirt makes the fashion this season. One good thing about shirts is that they use women in their twenties, thirties, and the girls at school and university, the promotion of equality. If you choose well, and connect a pair of shoes for women, and can not do anything that can reduce women's stylish and sporty, cute and sexy!

If you are ready to buy back, surprised by what kind of drawings, models and colors available. When it comes to the shoulder shirt, are basically two types. Presentation and shoulder and the other to show their backs.

Bohemian ...

All varieties of fashionable clothes, long sleeves shoulder, which will be at the top of the wheel, are perhaps the most popular. To create a modern hippie, myself, some of the bones of the shoulder t-shirt color in this style, black pants and a red hat. Length of the ship must be such that almost covers his shorts, leaving visible only the thumb. Let your hair loose over her bare shoulders. Use a pair of red shoes and has the world's most popular show!

You can be sexy ...

For a glamorous look, may lose over the shoulder that ends just below the waist, used with a wide black belt. This pair of hot pants and black high heels sexy, sleek and chic! Another option is to use the shoulder, along the body, revealing neckline, sleeves to the elbow, carefully placed in a black pencil skirt and flexible. Use a black bra under her shirt and is visible to create loops to take a look!

Off The Shoulder Shirts