Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Natural Tips for Sunburned Skin

Natural Tips for Sunburned Skin

If you leave a little tan for hours, you can feel the sting of sunburn. Not only is it a burning pain is probably not the appearance of the lobster, get the look you want. You can not have a sunburn during the night, but there are some things that prevent the skin from sunburn.

Aloe Cure

Aloe helps stimulate the skin to heal and renew. And 'ideal for use as a sunburn. You can aloe vera gel is a pharmacy and buy a spread on the skin as often as necessary. Or, if you can remove the aloe gel directly to the leaves and rub the affected areas. Aloe soothes burns, stings, to promote and accelerate healing.

Home Remedies for Pain

Although home remedies to get rid of burning is not magic, it can alleviate the pain. Apply a compress of cold milk in the field of heartburn. Soak paper towels and keep milk in the areas of burns. Or Fill the tub with cold water and add a couple of cups of vinegar to a bath, which is a relief. Other home remedies to relieve the pain of sunburn is yogurt and honey rub the surface, full of enthusiasm for the application of lavender oil to bath with cold water and a cup of a mixture of cornstarch wet.

Things to avoid

It helps to improve the returns more quickly and stay as comfortable clothes, and in spring, which allows the skin to breathe. The last thing I want to do is dressed in spandex pants with leg burns in the background. This can irritate the area and exacerbate the pain. If blistering or peeling of the soles of the feet. It can be tempting, blistering or peeling, without it, but it makes you an infection, and, of course, you can learn to improve their teaching for the first time, but at least it will be burned. Otherwise, they end up even worse.


Sunburn is painful and home remedies and avoid triggers of pain, be aware of your body to stay healthy, and signs of fatigue can be smoked. First, stay hydrated. Change the water frequently to eat every day, what the body loses through sweat, I'm going to do much if you have a sunburn, and if you notice signs of infection such as pus or blood blisters and oozing irritation caused by the burning of more than consult your doctor immediately. Ask your doctor, even if the fire is not just a few days or for fever or pain relief.

Natural Tips for Sunburned Skin