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The tattooing is probably one of the few industries that have been around longer than the sex industry. He had a similar amount of criticism as well as or perhaps more. Documentation on the tools used for tattooing has been shown the way back from 10000 to 30000 BC. If you have elderly parents who want to give you any trouble getting a tattoo, just remind them that somewhere further back in the family tree, probably thousands of years, one of your relatives were likely to be tattooed the campfire.

Polynesian islands:

The Polynesian islands are located in the South Pacific. Here it is considered strains of the most beautiful and controlled by the old tattoos. There, they generally have more tattoos, typically most of their faces. Unfortunately, in the 19th century attempts were made, tattooing was banned in many of their islands. Unfortunately, this leads to the loss of many of their traditions and tattoo design.


Traditionally, tattooing in Hawaii describes the social situation of a person. The tattoos were also there, not only for decoration, but also provided physical and spiritual protection. In Hawaii, tattoos often contain lizards, sea turtles, tropical flowers and other symbols of their ancient traditions.


Tattooing in Samoa is very important in the signaling class. This is a very special when the son of a chief is tattooed. Their tattoos usually cover the lower torso to the knee, like a pair of shorts. Generally, these tattoos is given when the child reaches adolescence, which marks their entry into adulthood.


Japanese tattoo has been a big impact on what we know today as tattoos. Military personnel must return from Japan with Japanese models, such as a large, complex dragons. Western artists have been copying these designs, or to get these same tattoos. Some have said that the modern tattoo practices are a combination of Western and Japanese styles of old-style tattoo. In most Western tattoo artists specialize in Japanese style tattoo.

Subscription criminals:

At one time, was taken to Japan to accept some of its practices in China. Tattoos of Chinese characters were used for criminals, because it was seen as a form of punishment. Japan has begun to use the tattoo as a replacement of the death penalty. They have perfected the design, which is to identify criminals. This entry put in the lowest social class and separated them from family and friends. Tattoo became popular again, and at this stage, other penalties began to take shape in place.

Beginning of the modern tattoo:

The sailors who came into contact with different cultures began to collect tattoos, the tattoo has started to each other, and started bringing ideas home. These thoughts eventually went to England, then to New York City, where ideas and technology flourished. He was then able to use the machines to do tattoos, and people to people copying "sailors", or "freaks" in the West began to be curious. In today's television shows like "Miami Ink" tattoo has really become mainstream.

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