Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chest Tattoos for Guys

Do you think a tattoo is one of the best accessories you can have any kind? Probably not gonna shine like a ring or necklace and can not be changed every day with his collection of belts and baseball caps. But in addition to the radiation power and masculinity, but also represents who you are and what you believe Yes to a type of tattoo on the chest can be a great accessory, so that the symbols or pictures in ink in body certainly echo your personality.

Why wearing a tattoo on his chest?

Most of the guys decided to sport a tattoo of the breast for several reasons. Well, the chest is a perfect ad for any tattoo artist because he can freely reproduce the image you choose, without worrying about not having enough space to work. The chest is rarely seen by humans (unless you want to walk often shirtless) so you can get all the freedom to design whatever you want.

Other than the own tattoo, tattoo lovers like tattoos larger male breast as a way to make your installer chest, bigger, better and certainly more interesting. Put a tattoo on his chest hurt a little, but a dose of sex appeal or have a special person, thing or experience of being burned closest to his heart is well worth it.

The most sought Chest Tattoo For Guy

Cross and heart tattoo

Cross tattoos, heart tattoos, and are often chosen for their meaning and significance. Heart crowned with thorns is mostly associated with love, which is bitter and not want to interfere with the love again. On the other hand, most of the ink may be the name of a man or a portrait of a girl who loves the affection of the chest.

Animal Tattoos

Tattoos of animals have been linked to the fierce strength and power. According to ancient mythology, the scorpion is feared by gods and mortals, and his image just out of protection. The strength of a lion, dragon, tiger or leopard is often portrayed the personality of the wearer of the tattoo.

Chest Tattoo culture

The tattoos are not common in Japan, in fact, the whole body tattoos known horimono originally linked to the MOB, or the Japanese Yakuza. Horimono covers most of the chest, but a tattoo does not cover only the center of the chest.

Guy can hardly their shirts without displaying the tattoos. This concept is often adapted by many male fans of tattoos because of its interesting origins and very distinctive design.

Chest tattoo for men is clearly a remarkable form of body art, but remember to wear a tattoo could overcome "the accessories" level and can actually make a profound meaning for the user. It could be a way to express their beliefs and deep emotions. It can release the long-suppressed anger or bad memories, and can be a way to record your unforgettable permanently.

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