Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cat Eye Makeup Tips

If you plan to spend the night with your partner and want to see sexy, and then learn how to apply cat eye makeup. This may seem difficult, but the effect can be achieved easily with a little practice and cosmetic line. The best way to learn how to apply eye makeup cat is looking at books or pictures showing what you know exactly what to play. Cat eye makeup has to do with the glamor and drama, so be prepared to experiment. After applying concealer and foundation, apply a base eye color beige or neutral can create the look. With a medium-sized eye brush, apply the lighter shade of eye shadow across the lid, you can use the shadow with a little light for this additional dramatic effect. Then use a small brush and apply the halftone of the lash line to crease.

The third step is to apply the darker shade, use a contour brush for this purpose and begin to lash line to the entire outer shell and toward the inside and fold to get the dark effect. Learn to apply eye makeup cat is all about experimenting with bright colors, sparkle and shine. Therefore, it is important to know the latest shades and eye products that are available on the market. After applying eye shadow, use an eye pencil or toll Kohl upper and lower eyelid. Smudge the outer edges of the upper eyelid to get the smoke effect. Liquid eyeliner does not give you this, then use crayons or pencil may be smudged kohl easily. Finish with two coats of mascara volume of improving both the upper and lower eyelids and eyelashes.